Please note the following errata in Cajón pa' los Muertos: Transculturation and Emergent Tradition in Afro-Cuban Ritual Drumming and Song

Pg 58-59: "The drums were first created in Cuba in the late-1860's..." should read "The drums were first created in Cuba around 1830..." (It was actually the second fundamento set that was created in the 1860's (see Ortiz 1952-55 and Ramos 2000).

Pg. 99: "proceeded" should be "preceded"

Pg. 120: "...weak hand is always one partial behind..." should be "...weak hand is always two partials behind (i.e., one eighth note)..."

Pg. 122: "...when written in 4/4..." should be "...when written in 12/8..."

Pg. 170 (and other references to this song): "Caracol le viene" and "Caracol le va" is likely "Caracole[s] viene[n]" and "Caracole[s] va[n]"