Nolan Warden

Selected research and publications (for more, click here)

Wixárika Music, Huichol Music: The Construction and Commodification of an Indigenous Identity (2015. PhD dissertation at UCLA.)

Crossing Diaspora’s Borders: Musical Roots Experiences and the Euro-American Presence in Afro-Cuban Religious Music (2010. African Music 8[4]:101–109.)

Afro-Cuban Traditional Music and Transculturation: The Emergence of Cajón pa' los Muertos (2007. VDM. Commercial version of updated MA thesis [below].)

Cajón pa' los Muertos: Transculturation and Emergent Tradition in Afro-Cuban Ritual Drumming and Song (2006. MA thesis at Tufts University.) [errata]

A History of the Conga Drum (2005. Percussive Notes 43[1]:8–15.)

Interview with Angel Guerrero [Abakuá singer] (2007. World Percussion and Rhythm 8[2]:12–13.)

Cajón pa' los Muertos (2008. World Percussion and Rhythm 9[2]:28–29.)